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Mr. Bubbles’ Birthday

Mr. Bubbles’ Birthday

I'm sure you've all had a pet that died. It's just part of the growing up experience that seems to be prevalent throughout society. This image was created with that very concept in mind. Or that's what I had intended...

You see, here is another fine example of why I try to let the viewer have the reigns when it comes to interpreting the message of the piece. Though I had originally intended to make the piece about the sudden shock and depression of finding a pet, (Mr. Bubbles) dead on the eve of his very first birthday, I've had a number of people give me alternate interpretations. Some think the birthday is for the robot, some think that the robot hasn't figured out that his pet is dead and is carrying on with his party regardless, and one enterprising viewer decided that the whole thing was a commentary on Man's overt abuse of nature.

In the end I guess they're all right and each interpretation is as valid to the person making it as mine is to me. Like I've said before, I'm not trying to change the world here, just make a connection and if you get anything at all from this piece, then I'm doing my job.