Brian Despain Art


And Here You Thought I Forgot

May 02, 2002

Okay so it's been a little while since my last update but I've been a very busy boy. Between going on my honeymoon, to planning a move across the country and finding a new job I've had little time to dedicate to my own devices... But excuses aside I've finally gotten around to doing something with this site. I've put up two new pieces in the color section and moved a couple into the color archive section. I've also put up another new piece in the studies section.

Here's something else I've been toying around with...

My one big problem with artists' websites is that once I've seen the art I rarely go back and take another look and when I do, more often then not the site hasn't been updated. What I would really like is some way to find out when my favorite art sites have been updated.

I've been noticing the same thing occurring on this site as well. Not to say that I don't have regular visitors, and to those stalwart characters I thank you immensely, but it's because of those one-timers that I'm putting together a update email list so that if you so desire you can be informed immediately of any changes happening over at Imp Head Studio. To sign up on the list just send a note to .

And for all of you who are worried about your information falling into the wrong hands, I have absolutely no intention or desire to sell your name to any catalog, spam-site, or government faction. You can all rest easy with the knowledge that your email will be kept in the most secretive way possible.