Brian Despain Art


Excitement is always just around the corner

July 06, 2005

Unfortuantely, the life of a visual artist is not always as fascinating and exciting as that of a rock star. But fortunately with Mr. Despain at the wheel, you need not fear, excitement is always just around the corner. Uhm, maybe it's the next corner after you take this offramp. He's not the best navigator, so sometimes it's the scenic route, but at least he's always moving. Anyway, on with the update...

On shelves in a store near you

Brian's work graces the cover of Luc Besson's Arthur and the Minimoys, an adventure story for children. The book was first released in France and is now published in English by Harper Collins. The book hit stores on May 10, 2005. On September 6, 2005 the sequel, Arthur and the Forbidden City, hits stores with more cover art by the Big Imp. Brian's covers are outstanding. The print quality showcases the beautiful artwork; creating a window into a magical world. Luc Besson has a film in the works to span both books due out in 2006.

Loot from work with Privateer Press

Privateer Press releases Warmachine: Apotheosis in August. Artwork includes two interior pieces by Brian and other great works by Brian Snoddy, Brian "Chippy" Dugan, and Matt "Golly, I wish I had a cool name like, 'Brian'" Wilson. One of Brian's (Despain) interiors can be seen on the cover of Privateer Press's first issue of No Quarter Magazine on sale July 6, 2005. The Imp has been busy with Privateer, also doing the cover for Liber Mechanika, a new Iron Kingdoms RPG source book.

Brian Despain, solo show at Lunar Boy Gallery

We've saved the best news for last so hang onto your hats. Brian will be having his very first solo gallery show at Lunar Boy Gallery in beautiful Astoria, Oregon. The show opens Saturday August 13th and runs thru September 9th. So save yourself the trouble of making up some flimsy excuse and be there. The future of humanity depends on your presence! And Brian will be there if you want to meet the man behind the bots. He loves to talk about art and is very charming, so don't miss him. The reception is from 6 to 9 PM. Puncuality is crucial (well, at least it's nice), there will be a test, and you will be missed if you do not attend.

The credit for getting this update written and loaded goes to a good friend and very talented artist Michael Gardner. He creates on paper and on skin (he did Brian's tattoo). If you are in the Seattle area and interested in getting quality, beautiful and creative tattoo work, he's your man at Painless Steel located at 1809 Broadway in Everett, WA. Call Painless Steel at 425-259-5110. Mike encourages me to stay on top of the site and even had a hand in writing this update. Since I hadn't done it myself, I invited him to help me out and get it started. Thank you, Mike.