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Great Big Thanks

January 21, 2002

Since I started this web site I've had my fair share of interesting passersby. Everyone from Lucasfilms to NASA has traipsed through Imp Head, and everyday I'm finding more and different people stopping by. Most, I'm not sure how they got onto the site, be it through accident or intent is no matter, that they stopped by is good enough for me. Some came by accident, searching the vast reaches of cyberspace for one thing and finding themselves delivered into my clutches by a somewhat enigmatic search engine. Others arrived following slightly dusty links, uncovered on their journey through the uncharted maze of the World Wide Web, (granted most of those links are from sites that can be found in my own links section or are simply the results of the generosity of others.) And then there are the occasional few that, through no fault of my own, found their way to Imp Head because a previous viewer, deemed my site and it's content worthy of a second look.

To show my appreciation I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those people that not only enjoyed the Imp Head experience but enjoyed it so much they went that extra step to share it with the rest of the world in hopes that someone else would visit and go away somehow different. Here they are in no particular order:

Christoffer Saar , Oldi , Paul Balchin , Kitty , Samantha , and Srinath Avadhanula

and to the rest of ya, (If you're reading this, you're included.) Thanks for the patronage, I mean that.