Brian Despain Art


Wagons West!

August 18, 2002

Well, after three years living in Boston the wife and I finally packed up our things and headed West... All the way. We're currently living in the lovely state of Washington and we couldn't be happier. I've procured a new job with Snowblind Studios making games for the Play Station 2 and though it's taking up a lion's share of my creative juice and my time in general I'm pretty happy with the situation... But enough about my life, let's get on to the good stuff!

I've put up five new pieces of art, two in color, two in black and white and one in the studies section (You'll have to figure out which ones they are on your own). To make room for the new art I've moved five pieces to the archives section as well. I've updated the about section with a brief bio and I'm making plans to change around the links section a little when I get some more spare time.

All in all the updates list is going over like a hooker at Sunday mass, but I'll continue to send out emails to the three of you that DID sign up, (Oh, sorry mom, four.)

Well kiddies, that's it for now but rest assured I've got about four more paintings in the hopper right now and there doesn't seem to be any end of ideas so keep checking back!