Brian Despain Art


Wizards and Privateers

November 13, 2004

Well, I'm learning that once a month is a bit ambitious and presumptuous about how interesting we are, so while it may not be every month, I will try to let you know when things get interesting.

We've been busy buying a house so somethings have slipped to the back burner. Brian has been working hard on new projects for Wizards of the Coast over the past few months. He's also doing some new stuff for Privateer Press with our very good friend Matt Wilson. And as always, Brian is creating new original artwork for his own satisfaction and your pleasure.

If I wasn't such a rotten assistant, you would already know that Brian will be at Table Top Games today, (that's right, today, I know , I know). He'll be there at 12:00 to sign cards and books and hang out. He'll also have prints, stickers and some very large shirts for sale.