Brian Despain Art


The long wait is over

October 24, 2003

Well the long wait is over, the tenth annual edition of "Spectrum" is in bookstores now. Chock full of art from the industries leading science-fiction and fantasy illustrators Spectrum has been over the past ten years a difinitive watermark for the professionals in our field. If you've not bought previous editions this issue is a good place to start and if you have, Spectrum 10 is definitely worth adding to your collection.

It took a little over a year

October 12, 2003

Well, it took a little over a year but I've finally found the time to update this site. Thanks to all who kept checking back in spite of the same droll bits of artwork staring them back time and again. This one's for you!

Though I would like to attribute this update to a sudden and brilliant new scheduling plan, I must admit that I was somewhat forced into action by forces beyond my control. It seems that over the past year Imp Head Studio has garnered so much attention my previous web host didn't have the capacity to provide me with the needed bandwidth thus resulting in shutting down for a couple of days, sending me scrambling to find a new provider. Hopefully's new home is better suited to handle the huge increase in traffic and maybe all the new interest in the site will inspire me to pay more attention to the goings on here.

As far as updates go, beyond the cosmetic shuffling and editing of old text I'm afraid I don't have much to offer. There is a new piece in the color portfolio and as always a piece bumped into the color archive. I'm working on putting together quite and extensive list of links for the links page and will be updating that in the coming days. The store is still under construction but as always I am selling prints of most of the work I do and will (and have) gladly deal through regular email channels. Thanks to all those that have already bought prints!

In other news, I'm still working full time at Snowblind Studios and I'm still loving the place more and more every day. In fact we're just about finished with our latest title. The more daring of you can check out mine and my overly talented co-worker's efforts at the official game website The game will be available for the PlayStation 2 in February of 2004. Buy a copy and I promise to sign it.

I've been hitting the online art forums pretty regularly, posting artwork and giving critiques when I have the time. For all you up and coming artist, (Or you already established artists looking for a place to waste time.) I would highly recommend any one of these artistic hot spots as a place to showcase your own works as well as get tips, tricks, and critiques, or just meet and greet like minded artists of all ages, professions, skills and nationality. Here they are in no particular order...

Eatpoo- Though their name sounds more like a fecal-centric porn site this forum is, in actuality, a good mix of juvenile humor and art. In other words my kind of scene.

Conceptart- A little more upscale and conservative Conceptart is still a great place for all levels of artist to show their work.

CGtalk- The biggest and best place to showcase your digital artwork. Though they only deal in the digital realm this place is definitely the showroom for all things computer generated, be they 2D or 3D. The fine gents that run the place are also responsible for the brand new digital showcase book Exposé.