Brian Despain Art


Wagons West!

August 18, 2002

Well, after three years living in Boston the wife and I finally packed up our things and headed West... All the way. We're currently living in the lovely state of Washington and we couldn't be happier. I've procured a new job with Snowblind Studios making games for the Play Station 2 and though it's taking up a lion's share of my creative juice and my time in general I'm pretty happy with the situation... But enough about my life, let's get on to the good stuff!

I've put up five new pieces of art, two in color, two in black and white and one in the studies section (You'll have to figure out which ones they are on your own). To make room for the new art I've moved five pieces to the archives section as well. I've updated the about section with a brief bio and I'm making plans to change around the links section a little when I get some more spare time.

All in all the updates list is going over like a hooker at Sunday mass, but I'll continue to send out emails to the three of you that DID sign up, (Oh, sorry mom, four.)

Well kiddies, that's it for now but rest assured I've got about four more paintings in the hopper right now and there doesn't seem to be any end of ideas so keep checking back!

And Here You Thought I Forgot

May 02, 2002

Okay so it's been a little while since my last update but I've been a very busy boy. Between going on my honeymoon, to planning a move across the country and finding a new job I've had little time to dedicate to my own devices... But excuses aside I've finally gotten around to doing something with this site. I've put up two new pieces in the color section and moved a couple into the color archive section. I've also put up another new piece in the studies section.

Here's something else I've been toying around with...

My one big problem with artists' websites is that once I've seen the art I rarely go back and take another look and when I do, more often then not the site hasn't been updated. What I would really like is some way to find out when my favorite art sites have been updated.

I've been noticing the same thing occurring on this site as well. Not to say that I don't have regular visitors, and to those stalwart characters I thank you immensely, but it's because of those one-timers that I'm putting together a update email list so that if you so desire you can be informed immediately of any changes happening over at Imp Head Studio. To sign up on the list just send a note to .

And for all of you who are worried about your information falling into the wrong hands, I have absolutely no intention or desire to sell your name to any catalog, spam-site, or government faction. You can all rest easy with the knowledge that your email will be kept in the most secretive way possible.

Great Big Thanks

January 21, 2002

Since I started this web site I've had my fair share of interesting passersby. Everyone from Lucasfilms to NASA has traipsed through Imp Head, and everyday I'm finding more and different people stopping by. Most, I'm not sure how they got onto the site, be it through accident or intent is no matter, that they stopped by is good enough for me. Some came by accident, searching the vast reaches of cyberspace for one thing and finding themselves delivered into my clutches by a somewhat enigmatic search engine. Others arrived following slightly dusty links, uncovered on their journey through the uncharted maze of the World Wide Web, (granted most of those links are from sites that can be found in my own links section or are simply the results of the generosity of others.) And then there are the occasional few that, through no fault of my own, found their way to Imp Head because a previous viewer, deemed my site and it's content worthy of a second look.

To show my appreciation I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those people that not only enjoyed the Imp Head experience but enjoyed it so much they went that extra step to share it with the rest of the world in hopes that someone else would visit and go away somehow different. Here they are in no particular order:

Christoffer Saar , Oldi , Paul Balchin , Kitty , Samantha , and Srinath Avadhanula

and to the rest of ya, (If you're reading this, you're included.) Thanks for the patronage, I mean that.

Ringing in the new year

January 12, 2002

Here it is, albeit a couple weeks in, my first post of the new year. Work is steady and I'm proud to say that I've just completed or am about to complete a number of projects for various organizations and will be putting up some examples for you perusal as soon as I'm contractually able.

In other news, I just recently sent my entry out to the fine folks at Spectrum Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration Contest, (The winners of which are then collected into the annual Spectrum publication by Underwood Press.) With any luck I'll once again be rubbing elbows with the industry's best as they look askance and wonder who the idiot rubbing their elbows is.

Also, to those who have been waiting so patiently for something new to look at, I will be making some additions to the various portfolios in the coming weeks as I've been drawing and painting like a mad man and the "needs to go on the web site" stack is getting a little out of hand... Which perfectly illustrates the irony of having a dynamic portfolio such as this. If I'm creating stuff to put on the web site then I'm usually strapped for time to do so. In the meantime here's a little sneak preview for those studious and or faithful enough to read through these posts.