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Wizards and Privateers

November 13, 2004

Well, I'm learning that once a month is a bit ambitious and presumptuous about how interesting we are, so while it may not be every month, I will try to let you know when things get interesting.

We've been busy buying a house so somethings have slipped to the back burner. Brian has been working hard on new projects for Wizards of the Coast over the past few months. He's also doing some new stuff for Privateer Press with our very good friend Matt Wilson. And as always, Brian is creating new original artwork for his own satisfaction and your pleasure.

If I wasn't such a rotten assistant, you would already know that Brian will be at Table Top Games today, (that's right, today, I know , I know). He'll be there at 12:00 to sign cards and books and hang out. He'll also have prints, stickers and some very large shirts for sale.

Brian is so Fine!

September 19, 2004

First, I have to apologize for missing the August update. I had promised at least one new item each month and I dropped the ball.

Alright, let's move on to the new stuff. Brian has been hard at work since returning from Comic Con International 2004 in San Diego. He did well there and had a great time and was really glad to see everyone that was able to come by. He even ate sushi. (Brian doesn't go in much for the sea food in general, so this was a huge gastronomical adventure induced by spirits). Thanks to all of you who were able to attend and stop in Artist Alley to see Brian.

Brian is so Fine!
This news started in August and I'm actually glad that I get to tell it all at once, even though it makes me late with the update. Brian was approached by designer and Lunar Boy Gallery owner Troy Winterrowd about his art. Brian had never shown his work in a gallery and was excited about the opportunity. In the last week of August, Brian and I drove to Astoria, Oregon in a torrential downpour to meet Troy and his partner Jimmy Pickering at the gallery. Even though we feared for our lives on the winding, heavily wooded road into Astoria, we were able to occupy ourselves by looking for landmarks from the fabulous movie, "The Goonies" (set and filmed in Astoria). Even more exciting was our first look at the gallery. Nothing much was up yet, but it was beautiful and ready to house wonderful images and ideas. Brian signed the limited edition Giclee prints of the five robots ("Mr. Bubble's Birthday", "Blendboy 2000", "Piscis Ex Machina", "Icarus Fish", and "Paper Fish"). If you are interested in acquiring one of these gorgeous pieces, contact Troy Winterrowd by email or phone at Lunar Boy Gallery. Unfortunately, Brian had so much work waiting for him back home, we had to leave that same evening, driving in the same steady downpour, only then in the dark.

Fast forward to September 18, 2004 and the Grand Opening of Lunar Boy Gallery. We traveled back to Astoria and even took some friends along for support and good company. The weather was a bit kinder this time and we didn't have to rush back that night. We arrived at the opening to a full house. It was great to see so many people interested in seeing what Troy and Jimmy had to offer. They have a great section of illustrated books at the front where I watched 2 young boys read a book together. People were milling all around obviously enjoying the variety in the work and comfort of the space. A large print of each robot is matted and framed on the partial wall at the center of the gallery. Brian had plenty of people to talk to all evening and we all had a great time. Greatest thanks and congratulations to Troy and Jimmy on a fantastic opening. If you are ever in the area, you really ought to check it out.


July 10, 2004

This is no ordinary update. We have NEWS! The Imp Head Studio store is online and ready for business. There is a variety of prints available for purchase. What kind of business would we be without T-shirts? The boring no fun kind so we made T-shirts! The Imp Head translated well into apparel and we really hope you will wear them. 100% cotton in olive or black.

The other news may not be of much interest to you, but I (Halima) got a job at a veterinary microbiology lab. Brian didn't fire me but I missed being a microbiologist so I went and got me a job. That will in no way hinder my commitment to Imp Head Studio and any of you who care what happens to us. I'm still taking care of business for the talent.

We're pretty proud of what we've done here, but the true test is how well it works for you. So, bring on the feedback! Send it to and we'll continue to do our best to make it all worth while. Thanks!

Table Top Games

June 24, 2004

Just under the wire, but I have a June update!!

On June 12, 2004, Brian was at Table Top Games in Tacoma, WA signing cards and books with fellow Magic artists Anthony Waters, Mark Tedin, Brian Snoddy and Peter Venters. Table Top Games was having a barbecue with burgers and hot dogs and all the fixin’s. It was a great group of people and Table Top is a great gaming space with lots of room for miniatures games and table games. I was there just to hang out for the day. I also want to send best wishes to the Dark Minion. And a final thought: Please, I beg you, all you kids out there with your pants hanging on your thighs, pull up your pants!

In other news, the Links page got a face lift and a number of new links were added. If you enjoy looking at great art bursting with imagination, cruise these pages and enjoy yourself completely.

Reminder: Brian will be at Comic Con International 2004 in San Diego, CA July 22-25, 2004.


May 05, 2004

First off let me introduce myself... I'm Brian's new business partner and will be taking over operations here at the studio so Brian can get back to doing what he loves doing most, art. (Not that he was spending all that much time updating this page anyway, but now we're just arguing semantics.)

Since you're going to figure it out anyway, I'll just tell you, I'm also Brian's super cool wife. I am the new compulsive type A personality driving Imp Head Studio to new heights of greatness. Well, not exactly, Brian is the greatness, I'm more like a janitor. My role as part of Imp Head Studio is to do the stuff Brian's genius does not afford him the time to do for you.

A huge part of my job is to keep up to date and of continued interest to all of you. I want to reward your support for Brian's work with a fun and fascinating experience here. Besides, if I blow it, Brian will fire me and I'll have to be a microbiologist again. In short, we want you to keep coming back and to invite others to spend time with some beautiful inspiring artwork.

If you have ideas about information or items you would like to see here send email to . I will respond to your comments and get your address on the mailing list. Then, you will be the first to know when something happens.

My pledge and promise to you: Any information you provide to Imp Head Studio will be used STRICTLY to inform you of Imp Head Studio news. People are not for sharing. If at anytime you would like to be released from the Imp Head Realm, simply drop an email to the or to me at . We are here for you and we want to remain here, so we don't intend to make you unhappy. Fair enough? Super! On with the fun.

I could fall all over myself apologizing for the delay in updates, but would you really believe it at this point? There are infinitely more important things I need to tell you right now.

Big News: Brian takes a silver in Spectrum 11!
Well, it's not for the Olympics, but we're all pretty pleased here at the studio. The annual competition honoring Science-fiction and Fantasy artists culminates in the publication of Spectrum. It functions as the Fantasy Art "Who's who", judged by distinguished creative professionals in the industry. Brian earned a Silver Medal for "Piscis Ex Machina" in the Institutional Category (oddly appropriate for Brian). Spectrum 11 will be published by Underwood Books in October 2004.
*Also of note, Brian's work is included in previous Spectrum collections numbered 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10, most of which are still available at local bookstores or from fine online establishments like Bud Plant.

Exposed as a Master as well...
Brian was honored by Ballistic Publishing as a Master of Humor for his piece "The Longest Ride". Selected works are published in a collection titled Expose. This competition is in it's second year and they are demonstrating their good taste by recognizing people doing great digital artwork. You can have one for your very own viewing pleasure from Ballistic Publishing.

Brian will be with the Snowblind Studios team at E3 in Los Angeles May 11-14, 2004. This is a trade event and not open to the public, but if you will be there in a professional capacity, check out Snowblind Studios latest endeavor, "Champions, Return to Arms" at the Sony Online Entertainment booth.

Brian will also be at Comic-Con International 2004 in San Diego July 22-25, 2004. This event is open to the public and those of you in the area should definitely stop by. Brian would love to see you! He will have plenty of prints available and it really is more fun to pick them up from the man himself. Imp Head Studio T-shirts are in production and will also be available. Who knows what else we will come up with by July?